Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Life Gives You Lemons......

This is Sam's 10th day alone.  His sisters are in New Mexico without him, and he is very, very lonely.  He got tired of being bored, and asked me if I'd like to meet his new friend.  He then brought out from behind his back Mr. Lemon - which he created to keep him company until the girls return!  (His original face came off because he used a pen, so I helped him re-do it with a sharpie!)

Here they are sharing a nice cold beverage together.

And playing in the doghouse.....

And watching tv....

All in all, he has learned how to make the best of a bad situation.  Good job, son!  Don't worry, the girls will be home soon!

p.s.  the text in this post has gone all wacky and I have no idea why! Why is it underlining things and turning them blue???  And why is the spacing different between each photo?  It didn't look like that in the preview.  I guess I need another tutoring session from Shanna.


  1. hahaha....that kid cracks me up!! That is so funny! My blog was doing weird stuff too...I can take a look at it for you, don't worry we'll figure it out :)

  2. preview almost NEVER turns out how the post will look. dont rely on preview AT ALL.
    cute little guy.