Friday, July 17, 2009

Can It Be Done?

Here is my To Do List for the next 2 weeks:

This week:  Practice Piano for church
                  Prepare talk for church
                   Feed the missionaries on Saturday
                   Start cleaning for In-laws' visit
                  Farrell's every day
         Make wedding shower invites for a friend

 Next week: Continue cleaning for In-laws' visit
     Practice cello for church
     Prepare lesson for Young Women
     Make Visiting Teaching appts.
     Make B-Day gift for Young Women
     Help friend frost 200 cupcakes for wedding reception
     Take the girls to tennis clinic every day
        Entertain in-laws (who I love, by the way!)
     Go to Nauvoo
     Cheer for Hannah at her triathalon!!!
     Farrell's every day - 1 WEEK TO GO!!!!

All this in addition to feeding, clothing, teaching and entertaining the children.......