Friday, July 17, 2009

Can It Be Done?

Here is my To Do List for the next 2 weeks:

This week:  Practice Piano for church
                  Prepare talk for church
                   Feed the missionaries on Saturday
                   Start cleaning for In-laws' visit
                  Farrell's every day
         Make wedding shower invites for a friend

 Next week: Continue cleaning for In-laws' visit
     Practice cello for church
     Prepare lesson for Young Women
     Make Visiting Teaching appts.
     Make B-Day gift for Young Women
     Help friend frost 200 cupcakes for wedding reception
     Take the girls to tennis clinic every day
        Entertain in-laws (who I love, by the way!)
     Go to Nauvoo
     Cheer for Hannah at her triathalon!!!
     Farrell's every day - 1 WEEK TO GO!!!!

All this in addition to feeding, clothing, teaching and entertaining the children.......



  1. Is that why I haven't heard from you all week? I would love to help you know my #. If I haven't heard from you by Monday, I'll be calling. But then again, you're Julie Watson, I'm sure it can be done!

  2. Having company come is one of my best excuses to get kids to clean out under their beds.
    And yes, you can do it! You are Wonder Woman!

  3. I'll go to Nauvoo0 with you!! lol...again...your talk was wonderful--at least that is completed. =] Terra

  4. hannah doing a triathlon?? go girl go!!