Sunday, December 6, 2009

Poor little blog.  Poor faithful blog readers.
I have neglected you all for far too long.
My life got a little crazy for a while, but
I promise that I will be back very soon
with a new post about my sweet Hannah
who just had a birthday - well, she had it
almost 2 months ago.  OOPS!  Until then,
I will share a cute story about Sam.

Yesterday he and Kelly left for a boys birthday
trip to Disneyland.  When it came time for
them to leave, Sam hugged the girls with all
his might and for a very, very long time.
On the way to the airport, we were talking
about what fun things he would be able to
do there, and I looked back at him and he was
sitting with his head down and a sad look on
his face. 
"What's the matter, Sam?  Aren't you excited
about your trip with Dad?"  I asked.
He started to nod his head yes, but then
paused, and said "Not really."
"Why not?"
And then, with a little tremble in his voice,
his reply,
"I'm just really going to miss the girls."

I am so glad to have kids that love each other like that!