Friday, September 4, 2009

Photos I Love

I was looking through my huge box of old, un-scrapped photos last night, and came across several pictures that filled me with instant and vivid memories and emotions. I thought about doing a blog post displaying all the photos, but there were too many for just one post. So I have decided to post one every week, on a Friday, and write about why I love these pictures. Here is the first installment:

My mother. Obviously I do not remember her at this time in her life - she most likely didn't even know I would be born yet. I see this picture and I can imagine her life when she was young. I can hear her singing with her sisters and practicing her viola for her orchestra performance. I can picture her joy when she heard about and accepted the Gospel and changed her life forever by joining the church. I can imagine what it was like for her to meet my dad and how he must have instantly fallen in love with her. I can see all the things she thinks she wants her life to be written on her face. This is where my family began.


  1. This is a lovely photo and a lovely idea about the weekly shots.

  2. well yay, i guess this means there will be at least one update per week

  3. You are such a thoughtful, creative girl!! I would never think of something like that...what a cute idea! I love old photos!!

  4. What a great post!!

    Your sister really resembles your mom!!