Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's a Dirty Job......

What I NEED to do today:

Clean my kitchen!! I haven't even put away
my groceries.

Organize the laundry room closet

Sort and price these items for a garage sale this weekend

Scrub this shower - it is gross!!

What I WANT to do today:

Make some more of these cute haunted bird houses. We
have been making them all week. I LOVE them!

Use these cute witches that I made...

And these fun things to make a Halloween garland for
my front door.

So I have gone to get my morning pick- me- up and I'm off to
get started.


  1. I have got my Sonic drink too...

    I would rather make Halloween decor too. Rashelle and I wanted to make a garland but we forgot to order the stuff from you and for some other reason I can't remember couldn't make it to the meeting where you were starting them. The bird houses are adorable too!! Wahhhh, we missed out! This is Terra Anderson by the way =]

  2. Looks like you have some fun stuff going on. You're so incredibly talented! Wish I was there to stop by your garage sale.

  3. I love your craft projects....bummer I've been busy having a baby and all. :-) Hope you got some cleaning in.

  4. I like the Mission Impossible song you have on your playlist...

    LOVE the crafts!! Hopefully I can get around to making myself some.

    I hate cleaning...especially the shower! Good luck!