Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Piano Playing Update:

I'm sure you are dying to know how the piano accompanying went at Lucy's school.  Well, to be honest, I ROCK!!  There are only 3 songs that I have to play, as one is already recorded on the piano (good thing it's the hardest one!!).  So, crisis averted, Lucy is not ashamed to call me her mother, and I may have a future as the gullible, wannabe, UNPAID volunteer Parkview Middle School chorus accompanist. 

Coming soon:  A new list of funny Sam stories and quotes.  There is no shortage of these kinds of things to pass along, I assure you!


  1. Glad that went well....and glad you are done. For now. LOL I'm sure word will get around super fast in the district!!

  2. Actually, the concert isn't until May 5, but at least the stress of not being ready is over! We've rehearsed with all the classes and it went really well!!

  3. We all knew you could do it! You are one very talented lady!