Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Love The 80's!!

We have fabulous friends!  We like to go out to dinner, have play dates with the kids, shop together, play sports together, START BUSINESSES TOGETHER (ie. Our super fun children's salon opening next spring...) and most of all, play games together.  These photos are from our most recent game night, hosted by the Barlows.  It was an 80's High School Reunion Murder Mystery party.  As you can see, we all had a part to play and that meant costumes!  

I was Cindy Crawfish, the class flirt.  My character had fooled around with almost every man at the reunion, and Kelly's character was my current secret affair!

Kelly was Nick Nixon, Class President and Presidential Candidate!  He was married to Nancy Nixon (pictured here with her "real" husband!)  

Here I am with our gracious Hostess (and salon partner) Laura Barlow, Prom Queen.

Turns out that my not so secret boyfriend, Steve Spielberg the movie producer, was the victim.  Here I am crying over the tragic turn of events.

Our beautiful and sassy friend Molly Ringworm, the drama queen turned Hollywood actress was the killer!

Here is "Nick" chatting it up with his bodyguard, B.A. Barricade.  Too bad you can't see the awesome tattoos on the back of his head!

At the end of the night, I walked away with the prize for best costume.   It was a great time for sure!  This one will be hard to beat!


  1. What a fun night that was!!! I'm still impressed with myself for being such an inconspicuous killer!!

  2. oh my goodness gracious you guys look like a ton of fun. could almost make me want to live in iowa.
    awesome on the new business. is it going to be a 'fun kuts' sort of place??
    you looked great!

  3. It was SO much fun! I love any excuse to dress up!

  4. Regina - PLEASE move to Iowa! You'd be a great addition to our great state!!

  5. "What's This" is ME - JULIE!!

  6. That B.A. Barricade is such a hottie! That was fun!