Thursday, April 15, 2010

What a Difference......

This was the scene on February 20 of this year.  Just 7 short weeks ago:
The final, unwelcomed winter storm that made our spirits sink.  The unrelenting, grim, and merciless icy cold grip of winter to which it seemed there would be no end, went out with over a foot of snow and the roar of our shiny new snowblower!

When the snow finally melted and the sun came out to play, so did we!!!

Hooray for spring!  Hooray for outside play time!  Hooray for green grass and tshirts and sidewalk chalk!  Hooray for sunshine!  I'd almost forgotten how beautiful you were.


  1. That top picture is so cute!! You look like you're in some sort of movie :)

  2. I am in total agreement!! :-)