Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Hannah....

There needs to be a couple of things said about Hannah.  As Kelly and I were talking about her last night, I realized that I omitted some very key personality traits.  So here is an amendment to the previous post.

Hannah is an EXTREME rule follower.  When she is told to do something, or is given a task, there is NO room for interpretation or negotiation!  It is totally black and white in her mind.  This will be a great quality as she grows up.  Although, we have tried to explain that some things are general guidelines and not iron clad laws....still working on that concept!  This also ties in to her TOTAL inability to grasp sarcasm.  She sees things so literally that even most kids jokes go over her head.  She very crisply explained to her teacher this year that she did not appreciate sarcasm, and didn't like it when she was talked to in a certain way.  Her teacher said that she has taken that into consideration every time she talks to Hannah, and is sure to get right to the point with no messing around!

Lastly, Hannah is our Time Manager.  She will shout out the time minute by minute as we are getting ready to go somewhere so that we will NOT be late.  This starts the minute we begin to get ready, and continues in the car and all the way to our destination.  (Unfortunately for her, her mother got the late gene from her dad, so despite Hannah's best efforts we are sometimes late anyway.)  When she wants to know the time and someone estimates or rounds up to the nearest even number, that is not acceptable.  You cannot say it is 4:30 if it is only 4:27.  No no.  Exactness is required at all times.

 I think that everyone needs a Hannah.  She runs a tight ship!

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  1. It seems clear why she and her aunt (and not this one) are so close :)