Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Sonic,

This is the hardest letter I have ever had to write.  I never thought I would have to say these words to you, but I'm afraid it's over.

There are some things I just have to say to you before I walk out of your life forever.  First I want you to know that it's not you, it's me.  I have to make some changes in my life right now, and I can't be dependant on you while I do that.  You are the first thing on my mind when I wake up in the morning, and sometimes even the last think I see before I go to bed at night.  Your styrofoam cups and crushed ice have become a part of me and it kills me to think about what my days will be like without you.

Your sausage breakfast bistro has been at times the only "real food" Sam has eaten during the course of the day, and I have to say that this break up will be just as hard on him as it is on me!  But for the sake of our health we just have to make a clean break.

I will miss seeing Rashelle, whose smiling face appears through your window each morning, as well as all the others who know me by name and cheerfully pass me my Route 44 Diet Dr. Pepper each day, sometimes twice!

If it's ok with you, we can still have a few days together so that our parting will not seem so sudden.  I'm sure that from time to time our paths will cross - you will always be my weakness and I know that I cannot live without you forever.  But for now I have to do what's best for me, and that means exercise and a healthy diet.  I'm sorry!

Thank you for all the hunger you have filled and the thirst you have quenched in me.  I will miss you more than you know......


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  2. i feel ya. luckily i am not tempted here, there are no Sonics. i miss their drinks but, food wise, i miss chick fil a even more

  3. You are killing me!! LOL
    Maybe you should just get an ice maker that makes crushed ice.

  4. LOL....Julie you totally crack me up. Good luck to you though. Don't worry, I'll still make regular visits in your honor. :-)

  5. I'll go there twice a day, just in your memory while you're doing Farrell's! Ha ha ha... They'll miss you and your money too I'm sure!

  6. how quickly you have deserted the blog. i am curious as to how your boot camp thingamagigger is going.